Changing the Outside World by Looking Within

Empowering Confident Youth inspires a new era of education that provides youth with the support and tools they need to discover themselves and their true passions. With accessible, innovative, and personalized software, students can find guidance and motivation with the simple click of a button. Our engaging, social-emotional learning-based curriculum and educational software can be coupled with other powerful counseling and career support resources to provide students with focused, personalized, and meaningful direction in their lives.

Together, we can inspire a generation of youth who pursue their passions, make meaningful decisions, and change the outside world by looking within.

Our Partners

Our Objectives


Lifelong Learning:
Engagement, Reflection, and Action


Belonging and Being
Our Best


Emotional, Physical, and Social
Dimensions of Health


Employing an Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Embracing Challenges to Seek Growth

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