Elementary School Program License

Building Confidence and Curiosity through Play and Self-Discovery is an innovative 11-week social-emotional learning workshop for elementary school teachers and their students. This exciting pilot program includes an Instructor Manual with interactive exercises and step-by-step instructions to lead your students through powerful experiences designed to help them develop self-awareness and follow their passions at a young age. Our distance-learning companion manual offers adaptations and a simple slide presentation, should you be distance learning with videoconferencing technology. The Workbook and Journal is designed to encourage thoughtful reflections on students’ learning processes and prepare them for upcoming lessons. Activities are designed for children ages 8–11 years in grades three through six.

Program Overview:

Building Confidence and Purpose through Active Self-Discovery uses evidence-based learning methods like critical questioning, project-based learning, and mentoring to move students to become self-aware and socially skilled leaders who approach their future with confidence.

Our innovative, all-inclusive program includes:

The Manual and Workbook are offered in both downloadable and printable formats. Full-color Empowering Confident Youth Key Pillar posters are included for you to reinforce and revisit important concepts again and again!